The fresh new drifting Alice experience this new Cheshire Pet just who bandages the girl arm and escorts the woman toward tea party

Alice output to Tarrant and you can Mallymkun however, instantly was energized from seduction

Alice happens with Chessur and you will match Tarrant Hightopp, the fresh new Furious Hatter, and additionally Thackery Earwicket, the new February Hare and you can Mallymkun. Ilosovic Stayne, brand new Knave out-of Minds, arrives at this new tea party. The fresh Hatter rapidly shrinks Alice in order to six-ins high and you will hides the girl in an effective teapot. Tarrant manages to convince Bayard to not ever inform you Alice’s place. Bayard prospects new Knave with his soldiers away. Tarrant starts his trip with Alice into the their hat.

To their means, Tarrant informs his unfortunate tale precisely how he forgotten their clan as well as the start of the Red Queen’s reign referred to as Horunvendush Big date with the loss of new Vorpal Sword. This new notes begin to approach cornering Tarrant and you may Alice in the a good river so that as a last hotel, Tarrant sets his hat which have Alice on it along the lake.

Alice is from the Bayard plus cost to the events that lead on the capture from Hatter, Alice is actually brought to the latest Red Queen’s palace and you may crosses new moat packed with cut thoughts. Bayard leaves Tarrant’s hat along side wall structure. Once the King try to tackle croquet, Alice is located by the Nivens McTwisp, this new White Bunny exactly who gets their a few more Upelkuchen pie in order to generate blued this lady develop once more, but Alice takes too much and expands to eight.5 legs. The fresh Red King notices Alice in order to end uncertainty, Alice says to the newest Queen their name’s Um from Umbridge and you can that individuals laugh on her top. The fresh Queen welcomes Alice’s story and you may welcomes the woman to the woman legal. Alice in the future finds out by herself at Red Queen’s front additionally the Mad Hatter’s trail, hence eventually the fresh Purple King is persuaded from the Tarrant to become her hatter. Alice might possibly retrieve Tarrant’s hat and you will output they to help you him.

Tarrant is seized versus opposition and you may Alice chooses to sleep lower than the fresh hat

Bayard seems to arrive at the new White Queen’s castle and that is welcomed from the White King by herself. Bayard delivers the news that Alice is staying in the Purple Queen’s castle.

Alice discovers the fresh new Vorpal Sword and therefore stays in new domain away from new Bandersnatch. On her means, the Knave edges this lady but Alice is able to get away. One of the Reddish Queens supporters is seeing. Retrieving the interest off Mallymkun, Alice yields the eye towards the Bandersnatch. Alice finds the actual situation with the Vorpal Sword but is locked. Alice’s injury actually starts to shed and you may she falls unconscious. Nivens McTwisp retrieves this new Oraculum. The following day if you’re Tarrant is actually hatting the latest Yellow Queen, she hears the news headlines in regards to the Knaves innovation for the Alice. Alice wakes around discover the Bandersnatch watching this lady. Alice notices a switch towards the instance on their neck. Alice retrieves the main and salvages the fresh new Vorpal Blade. This new Bandersnatch repays Alice of the slurping their wound to really make it top once the a sign of relationship.

The latest Knave tries to sit about precisely how it is Um (Alice) that’s enthusiastic about him, that the King believes and orders the fresh take out-of Um. The Knave notices new Vorpal sword and tries to vagina it. Hatter retains the fresh new Knave and you will notes off, however, Mallymkun blurts aside, “Work with, Alice.” New Knave, now knowing Alice’s real term, decides to kill the girl.

Alice run off toward courtyard it is ambushed of the notes, although Bandersnatch trips free of its strings and you can escapes having Alice within the tow. Alice finds the newest Light Queen’s palace, presenting the new Vorpal Blade for the king. The brand new Light Queen next shrinks Alice back off to the woman amazing proportions. Alice suits again with Absolem exactly who answers from the his earlier review one she wasn’t Alice following but is similar to Alice now.

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